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About us:

XM Naturae is a business made up of independent professionals and small enterprises. It came to life in 2012, the international year of cooperatives. The XMN team offers a range of services encompassing the vast majority of issues related to sustainable development for both the public and private sectors. XMN gives you access to economically and ecologically viable solutions without compromising the values and principles which distinguish it from other enterprises. In fact, we have integrated the concept of sustainable development into our very own structure and professional lives. This allows us to use our value-added projects to improve the quality of life and meet the needs of the communities in which we work.  Moreover, we have set the health and safety of our members as well as that of partners as our priority We invite you to visit our partners' websites by following the links at the bottom of the page and to get in touch with us for more information.

Board of directors:

Éric Prido, eng.





Responsible for water, environnement, and agriculture

Eric trained in process engineering and water resources at l'Insitut National Polytechnique de Grenoble. His expertise lies in hydromorphology, biostructural engineering (génie végétal), wastewater treatment, sediment transport, riverine ecology, geomorphology, aquatic and wastewater chemistry, flood control, hydrology and ecohydrology. The better part of his 11 year career was dedicated to the study of surface water flow, the pollution and degradation of waterways and the implementation of solutions for their restoration. It also focused on managing and protecting against erosion and flooding. As cofounder of the cooperative with Rapahël Leblond, Éric was also able to aseemble a team of experts which now make up EXM. 


Michel Zambrano





Responsible for renewable energy. 



Michel obtained his master in renewable energy and energy efficiency from L'École de technologie supérieure de Montréal in April 2011 .  He did so while partnering on a project with Hydro-Quebec. He is a specialist in the design, modeling, and simulation of mechanical, energetic, and technical-economic systems for different streams of energy production that can be analysed in a hybrid system; turbines, small-scale hydro, windmills, solar pannels, engine generators, etc.


Marc Prido. ing.



Director of operations in France


Treasurer, general secretary

Secrétaire général


Responsible for

industry and mines


Marc is an electromechanical engineer trained at the ESME Sudria, he was trained in electrotechnics, automatiion, instrumentation, management of multidisciplenary projects, and business and cost management. He has worked for 35 years in the manufacturing, petroleum, and nuclear industries as director of the ''Expert, Conseil et accompagnement'' division. Likewise, he has worked as project director for multidisciplinary projects in the energy sector, MAC (Major Automation Contractor) projects and CIM integration. He is the founder of a PPO approach (Product Processes Optimization) for sustainable development processes of companies and their life cycles.

Patrice Leroux, eng.





Specialist rural engineering and water managment



Patrice is a five years experienced engineer, who has completed both of his two bachelor degrees (Environment, major in water management and Bioressources Engineering) at McGill University. Project manager at EXM Coop, he works on surface runoff water management plans for municipalities. He regularly works on fish habitat restoration and stream banks stabilisation projects using bio-engineering techniques. He also performs hydraulic analysis for drafts and estimates of municipal hydraulic structures such as culverts.

Organizational structure: a tailored and multidisciplenary team.

The team that makes up XMN is a veritable multidisciplenary cast composed of professionals linked to the cooperative. We are constantly adapting our teams to keep in line with the needs of our projects. Below is an example a possible team put together by XMN which could be at your disposal.



Environmental engineering

Geotechnical engineering

Power engineering specialists

Electrical and mechanical engineering

Automisation and information engineering

Process engineering

Forestry engineering

Bioresource engineering

Civil engineering

Hydrology and water engineering

Wetlands specialists



Landscape architects



Wildlife specialists

Renewable energy specialists


Area of expertise of our partners

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