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Rivers, lakes, wetlands, and bodies of water more broadly defined, are complex and vulnerable ecosystems. As such, they require a multidisciplenary and targeted expertise to be managed in sustainable ways. Whether it be for the study, development, maintenance, monitoring, or rehabilitation of these sites the XM Naturae team has all the skills necessary to bring such projects to fruition. The past few years has seen an adoption of innovativem avant-garde,  but nonetheless proven techniques in the implementation of  our projects. Morever, recognizing the unique nature of each project we are sure to adapt these techniques to comply with the particular hydrological regimes, soil types, vegetation, and wildlife on site to assure the environmental, economic, and social success of our clients' projects. 



The integration of energy production and sustainable development in today's energy sector requires a mastery of technical knowledge and social awareness. Our approach, based on a global understanding of energy needs, natural mechanisms, and environmental phenomena, allows us to develop better energy solutions while reducing the carbon and environmental footrprints of associated activities. Our modern solutions are adapted to the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors. Our experts work in the fields of hydroeletric, wind, photovoltaic, solar thermal, and biomass production. 




While perhaps less discussed than other subsets of engineering,  projects in the domain of civil engineering  are equally affected by matters of sustainability. With strong ties to partners experienced in the civil engineering and sustainable construction sectors, XMN offers its clients a range of expertise in the design, drafting, and site surpervision and monitoring. In particular we specialize in: dams, dikes, wooden and concrete sturctures, green roofs, and natural swimming pools.      




XMN draws upon more than three decades of experience in the domains of industry and mining among some of its members. It offers these sectors a number of services: minimzing environmental footprints, lifecycle optimization of products, optimization of production lines and renderingsConstruction of LEED and bioclimatic buildings, dams and others flood control structures, integration of renewable energies, management and treatment of effluent and stormwater, impact assessments, treatment of contaminated soils, etc. In short, our aim is to help industry and mines to set up sustainable practices and reduce their operating costs in doing so.

Industry and mining
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