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Areas of expertise


  • Hydroelectricity

  • Wind

  • Photovoltaic

  • Solar thermal

  • Geothermal

  • Biomass



Area of expertise


  • Damns, dikes, and impoundments

  • Wooden structures for bridges,
    homes, and warehouses

  • Concrete structures

  • Energy planning and management

  • Geothermal

  • Green roofs

  • Natural swimming pools

  • Foundations and soil stabilization

  • Eco-design of roads, sidewalks,
    and bicycle paths





The XM Naturae team has worked on a number of dam safety and fishway  projects. Likewise we have worked on environmental integration of dams and restoration of habitats around dams: fighting against invasive speices (C. commersonii and P. australis), protecting  brook trout, and recreating  wildlife habitat. We handle all engineering, environmental, and administrative aspects of projects including sturctural, hydraulic, geotechnical surveying and design, governmental permits, and follow up with administrative bodies.

Sustainable and bioclimatic buildings



XM Naturae is affiliated with several small firms that offer advanced technical services for building sustainable and bioclimatic buildings. With their experience In Brazil and Italy the Carpinteria team is a prime example.  They have put their passion for wood to work over the past ten years designing and building wooden structures for the residential and industrial sectors.


Our multidisciplinary team handles everything from wastewater treatment to power generation to installing bioclimatic system to natural ventillation.


With the help of Carpinteria, XMN is currently overseeing the construction of a model home in Angra dos Reis, Brazil using a ground-coupled heat exchanger, a solar chimney, and other traditional building techniques applied to an otherwise modern building. 

Renewable Energy

Our Services


  • Consulting and research

  • Design and simulation of energy
    production (renewable/conventional)

  • Optimization of electricity supply

  • Estimates of technical feasibility
    and cost-effectiviness

  • Technical and scientific modeling

  • Plans and specifications


Infrastructure and civil engineering

As a member of Friends of France's Mills (l'association des amis des moulins de France), XMN helps in the reintegration of watermills into their environment. We convert water wheels to generators and offer services to better integrate the watemill and its river. This involves restoration of wildlife habitat, managing floods and low flows, installing fish ladders, etc. 

Conversion of old watermills to hydroelectric generators and environmental integration

Optimisation de la sélection de l’approvisionnement en énergie électrique des sites isolés par la méthode de conception hybride 

The XMN team has studied the optimization and sizing of hybrid systems for power generation using renewable sources. 


A simulation of the energy performance of such a system was developed and several parameters were analyzed: energy produced, energy lost, and the proportion produced by the pico-turbine, photovoltaic panel, windmill and generator respectively. Combining multiple sources of renewable energy allows, from a technical and economic point of view, the optimization of power generating systems in remote areas.


Feel free to contact us to optimize your agricultural or industrial facilities  as well as your homes.

Our Services


  • Design

  • Drafting of plans and estimates

  • Site monitoring 

  • Dam safety and environmental integration

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